Videos and Sounds of Natural Landscape

Apple TV app that brings nature to you.

Immerse yourself in the beach, lake, waterfalls, forest, rain, fireplace and more with beautiful full High-Definition TV quality video footage and sound. Enjoy the relaxing and renewing effects of nature!

Our videos are not streamed and will not consume data continuously like some other apps do.

These categories are available now:

Available Now!

Go to App Store in Apple TV, swipe to the top bar and select Search, then search for "nature" and you'll find us! It is currently free!


Q. Isn’t this just like the built-in screensavers in Apple TV?

A. Yes and no. Our videos are of high quality like the the Apple TV screensavers, but theirs are silent videos while ours have sounds. In this app you also get to choose the scenery you want, which is not an option for the Apple TV screensavers.

Q. How is this different from finding a video on Internet and streaming it to the TV using AirPlay?

A. When you stream videos, they are downloaded continuously and data are consumed every second the video is played or cached. This app uses a different approach. Our videos are fixed-size video loops that can be played indefinitely.